Feature Release: Unveiling the Power of Page Vault’s Site Crawler

Page Vault's latest feature captures websites quicker than ever before

Last Updated June 2024

Whether you’re a legal professional, investigator, or part of a compliance team, efficiently capturing and managing web content in an ever-evolving digital landscape is critical. Enter our Site Crawler, a tool designed to simplify and speed up your workflow. But what exactly is a site crawler, and why should you care? Keep reading, and we'll break it down for you!

What is it?

Think of the Site Crawler as a highly efficient digital librarian. It starts at a specific web address (URL) and systematically follows links on the page to gather information from other pages linked from the original URL, up to 5,000 URLs.

The crawler can either:

  • Crawl: Navigate through web pages and collect URLs found on a website.
  • Crawl and Capture: Navigate and save snapshots of web pages, preserving them exactly as they appear at that moment in time with necessary metadata.

This process ensures that no critical information slips through the cracks, providing you with a comprehensive and precise collection of web content.


What Makes Page Vault's Site Crawler Different?

Page Vault's Site Crawler capabilities stretch beyond those of legacy site crawlers. It not only navigates through websites, but captures every relevant piece of content along the way. Our crawler operates directly through Page Vault, making the process user-friendly, intuitive, and in one platform. 

"The Site Crawler was developed in response to feedback from numerous legal professionals who were spending excessive time in multiple tools analyzing websites and determining what to capture. This cumbersome process often led to missed evidence. Our goal was to streamline this task, making it efficient and reliable, ensuring no critical information is overlooked."

 -Mairin Jerse, Director of Product at Page Vault


Why is this valuable?

In the world of eDiscovery, time is of the essence, and accuracy is paramount. Here’s why Page Vault's Site Crawler is a game-changer:

  • Efficiency: Manually searching and capturing web content can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Our Site Crawler automates this process, saving time and resources.
  • Accuracy: By capturing exact snapshots of web pages, our crawler ensures that you have an accurate record of the content as it appeared at a specific time, which is critical for legal and compliance purposes.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The crawler systematically navigates through linked pages, ensuring that no relevant information is missed. This thoroughness is vital for building a complete and defensible case.
  • Ease of Use: Integrated directly with Page Vault, the Site Crawler is accessible, requiring minimal technical expertise to operate.
  • Legal-Grade: In legal and compliance scenarios, the integrity of captured data is non-negotiable. Our Site Crawler provides reliable and verifiable captures that stand up to scrutiny and keep you out of the chain of custody.


Screenshot 2024-06-17 at 4.50.03 PM


What it’s used for

Page Vault’s Site Crawler is perfect for capturing competitor websites, business pages, product sites, Wayback Machine, and more. Once captured, these results can be integrated into document analysis platforms like Relativity for further analysis, making the Site Crawler an invaluable tool for comprehensive eDiscovery and competitive intelligence.

Page Vault's site crawler is utilized across various legal practice areas, including intellectual property and general compliance. We've seen it applied in several use cases, such as capturing product pages for anti-counterfeiting cases, monitoring online marketplaces, documenting online brand infringement, and more.

“The Crawler significantly streamlines my workflow. I can run it in the background, allowing me to multitask and focus on more critical tasks for my case while it efficiently preserves evidence."

-IP Attorney, Am Law 200 Firm

Getting Started

This powerful tool is currently available to all Page Vault customers at no charge through the end of summer. Log into Page Vault to start using the Site Crawler. Check out this 2-minute demo below to get started and visit our help page for further instructions. Not yet a customer? Reach out to our team to explore options for your firm.


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