Tools and Technologies for Monitoring Brand Infringement Online

Discover technologies that can help effectively monitor and combat brand infringement online

Last Updated June 2024

Protecting a brand’s trademark is increasingly complex due to the expansion of online presence that has created a rise in trademark infringement globally. To keep up with this influx, it is recommended that law firms leverage technology to monitor websites, social media, and e-commerce platforms for brand protection and enforcement.

Many of these platforms send automated alerts and detailed reports to enable timely interventions and strategic responses to potential infringements. Given the ephemeral nature of online content, it’s important that evidence of these infringements is properly captured and preserved.

Additionally, domain monitoring services track domain registrations and suspicious activities to combat cybersquatting and typosquatting. Tools often monitor social media and mobile apps for unauthorized trademark use, while image recognition technology helps identify counterfeit products. Regular IP audits and collaborations with technology providers ensure comprehensive protection and up-to-date strategies against brand infringements.

Steps to monitoring and capturing brand infringement online


Tools and Technologies

Here are some tools and technologies commonly used for monitoring online IP infringements. Please note that Page Vault is neither affiliated with nor endorsing these tools; they are simply provided as options for further research tailored to your law firm's specific needs:

  1. Questel Markify: Software providing trademark search and watch capabilities, using advanced algorithms to detect potentially conflicting trademarks efficiently. This tool offers comprehensive global coverage, including trademark databases, domain names, and common law sources, delivering detailed reports and alerts to help protect brands from infringement.
  2. BrandShield: This platform detects infringement through the use of technology such as optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing (NLP), domain monitoring, logo and product recognition and more.
  3. MarkMonitor: A comprehensive brand protection solution that helps companies safeguard their brands from counterfeit, piracy, and other online threats.
  4. Corsearch: Corsearch's Trademark Watching solution monitors global trademark filings to identify and report potentially infringing registrations, providing timely, targeted, and actionable insights to protect your brand.
  5. Red Points: Specializes in detecting and enforcing against digital piracy, counterfeiting, and online fraud, using machine learning and image recognition technology.
  6. BrandVerity: Focuses on monitoring online brand usage and compliance, particularly in paid search and affiliate marketing channels.
  7. DomainCrawler: Provides solutions for IT forensics and digital research, enabling users to scan and analyze domain name records. It offers detailed data on DNS records, WHOIS information, SSL certificates, and website technologies to aid in brand protection, cybersecurity, and market research.
  8. Image Raider: A reverse image search tool that helps identify unauthorized use of images online, useful for protecting visual IP.
  9.  Clarivate Trademark Watch Analyzer: Designed for intellectual property lawyers to automate and enhance the monitoring of trademarks globally. Utilizing artificial intelligence and extensive trademark and case law data, it provides quick insights and alerts to efficiently identify potential infringements and take action

How to Preserve Evidence Once Infringement is Detected

Once an infringement is detected, IP firms rely on Page Vault’s technology and experts to capture web content across social media and websites in a legally defensible manner. Page Vault captures include metadata, and generate an exhibit-ready PDF in just minutes.


Sample Amazon Legal Web Capture of Counterfeit Product

Sample Amazon Capture Output from Page Vault

By providing clear, authenticated records of infringements, Page Vault supports law firms in building strong cases against infringers, ultimately helping protect and enforce their clients' trademark rights effectively.


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