Top Technology Trends from INTA Annual Meeting 2024: A Spotlight on Exhibitors

Leading IP technology trends at INTA Annual Meeting 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia

Last Updated June 2024

The INTA Annual Meeting 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia, showcased a diverse array of exhibitors, highlighting the latest advancements and trends in intellectual property (IP) technology around the globe. For an IP attorney, staying abreast of these innovations is crucial for effective client representation and IP portfolio management. 

Here are the top technology trends observed among the exhibitors, along with details about their primary regions of focus:

1. Advanced IP Management Platforms

Several exhibitors demonstrated their state-of-the-art IP management platforms, which streamline the management of patents, trademarks, and other IP assets. Companies such as Anaqua, Inc. (USA), Alt Legal (USA), Clarivate (UK/USA), Questel (France), (USA), Azami Global (unveiling iPeer), offer comprehensive docketing, workflow automation, monitoring, and reporting and management tools. These platforms integrate AI and machine learning to provide predictive analytics and smarter decision-making, benefiting IP professionals globally, but primarily focusing on markets in North America and Europe.

2. Trademark and Domain Name Protection

Companies like (USA), Safenames (UK), Internet DotTrademark Organisation Limited (Hong Kong), Sedo (Germany), and GlobalBlock (UK), emphasized the importance of protecting brand domains. Their services include domain name registration, trademark monitoring, and anti-cybersquatting measures. These tools are essential for maintaining brand integrity and avoiding costly legal disputes, with a focus in North America, Europe, and Asia.

3. Anti-Counterfeiting and IP Security

Protecting IP from counterfeiting and infringement remains a top priority. Companies like Authentix (USA), OpSec Security (UK/USA), and Securikett (Austria) offer solutions that include authentication systems, supply chain security, and brand protection measures, focusing on the North American and European markets to safeguard products and maintain consumer trust.

4. Patent and Trademark Filing Solutions

Efficiency in filing patents and trademarks is crucial for IP attorneys. Exhibitors such as Coexya (France), iPify (France) provided innovative solutions for managing IP filings. These tools simplify the application process, prior art searches, ensure compliance with legal requirements, and reduce administrative burdens. They serve markets in North America, Europe, and Asia.

5. Digital IP Management Solutions

Companies like Page Vault (USA), Brandshield (Israel), and Corsearch (USA) showcased their digital IP management tools. These solutions facilitate the collection, preservation, and management of digital evidence, critical for online brand protection and enforcement actions. Their focus is primarily on North America and Europe, addressing the growing need for digital IP management in a highly connected world.

6. Comprehensive IP Solutions

A few exhibitors offered end-to-end IP solutions that cover a broad spectrum of IP needs.  WebTMS Ltd. (UK) provides a unified platform for managing various IP assets, while Computer Packages Inc - CPI (USA) offers integrated software for IP management, ensuring seamless operations and better compliance. These companies focus primarily on the North American and European markets.


The INTA Annual Meeting 2024 highlighted the rapid advancements in IP technology, with exhibitors showcasing innovative solutions across various domains. For IP attorneys, these trends underscore the importance of adopting new technologies to enhance IP management, protect against infringement, and provide comprehensive legal services. Staying updated with these trends will not only improve efficiency but also ensure more robust protection and strategic management of intellectual property assets across different regions. Hope to see you in San Diego for the 2025 conference!


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