How to Save and Print LinkedIn

If you need to save and print social media content from a LinkedIn profile or page, Page Vault Browser™ makes it quick and easy.

Last Updated November 2023

In today’s digital-centric world, social media platforms like LinkedIn have become invaluable repositories of professional information, networking interactions, and business activities. For legal professionals, investigators, and anyone needing to document online content for official purposes, the ability to accurately save and print this information is crucial. Page Vault Browser™ stands out as an indispensable tool in this regard, offering a streamlined solution for capturing and printing LinkedIn content with ease and precision.

Capture LinkedIn Content with One Click

Whether you need to document a LinkedIn profile, page, or specific posts, Page Vault Browser™ makes the process straightforward and efficient. With a simple click of the “capture” button, the software springs into action, automatically scrolling through the selected LinkedIn content and capturing every post, comment, and image that appears in the browser. This ensures that you get a comprehensive capture of the content you need, without missing out on any vital information.

Saving to a Secure Portal

Once the LinkedIn page is captured, the next step is to save your document securely. Page Vault Browser™ excels in this area, offering a secure, cloud-based portal where your captures can be safely stored. This safeguard ensures that the integrity of the captured content is maintained, providing you with a reliable record that can be referenced or presented as evidence when required.

Easy Printing and Exporting

Page Vault Browser™ understands the need for convenience and efficiency, especially when it comes to legal documentation and evidence presentation. After capturing the LinkedIn content, the software allows you to effortlessly export the capture as a PDF, ready for printing. The process is seamless, ensuring that you can quickly move from capturing to printing without any unnecessary complications.

Authenticity and Metadata

In legal scenarios, the authenticity of presented evidence is paramount. Page Vault Browser™ ensures that all LinkedIn profile captures not only look exactly as they do online but also come accompanied with essential metadata. This includes IP addresses, time and date stamps, and URL addresses—all critical elements that help support the capture’s authenticity if being used in court. This attention to detail and commitment to authenticity make Page Vault Browser™ an invaluable tool for legal professionals and anyone requiring verifiable online documentation.

Watch and Learn

Understanding the full capabilities and ease of use of Page Vault Browser™ is best experienced through demonstration. We invite you to watch our detailed video, showcasing the software in action and providing a clear guide on how to maximize its potential for your LinkedIn content capturing needs. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly to arrange a personalized demo, where our team will be happy to answer any questions and show you exactly how Page Vault Browser™ can benefit your work.

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